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Your Brand is not Your LogoSelf-discovery is all about trying new things and finding out who you are along the …2021/01/05Uncategorized2021-01-05 16:21:58
Merging Science Principles & BusinessI am a nerd. There. I said it. With that – I want to discuss …2021/01/05Uncategorized2021-01-05 14:40:45
Janushttps://www.ancient.eu/image/3624/janus-and-bellona/ I made this piece during a Community Art session at Upper Iowa. It was …2021/01/01Uncategorized2021-01-01 14:16:16
The Age of AquariusThe Buddha and The Badass – Vishen Lakhiani This next year, 2021, begins the Age …2020/12/31Uncategorized2020-12-31 13:33:07
Identity2020 has been a year of growth for me. An entire year. Usually I would …2020/12/30Uncategorized2020-12-30 13:57:46
BelongingnessEmployees should be well versed in how they should be communicating with customers and representing …2020/08/05Uncategorized2020-08-05 14:58:13
What is ‘brand’?David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising,” defined brand as “the intangible sum of a product’s …2020/01/02Uncategorized2020-01-02 18:27:52
Why do I need to establish core values?According to Scott Jeffrey of CEOSage, Core values can: Set a foundation for the organization’s …2020/01/02Uncategorized2020-01-02 15:52:38