I am a nerd. There. I said it.

With that – I want to discuss one of the evolutions behind my way of thinking. I see the world as connected. And not just the world, but the entire universe. From the structures of atoms to the structure of galaxies, there is consistency and repetition. The interconnectedness of these ideas and the laws which govern them can be applied to the very human-centered idea of business. Science – specifically biology – can be used as a tool to understand the future of business.

If you can, imagine business as a person. What is its personality like? How does that fit in in the big picture?

What is the big picture of business? How does this relate to science?

Similar to ecosystems where every stage is interconnected, so are the moving parts in business. Not one thing is more important than another – it all needs to work and function synchronistically in order to survive and evolve. Think of evolution on the scientific scale. Natural selection is trial and error. With this, some species survive and some do not. Inevitably, it is the species that learn to adapt and evolve with the ever changing world and life itself, that go on to produce the next generation. This is the type of scientific principle that needs to merge with business. Innovation is key – not just at the individual (atom) level, but as a whole (system). Can you see how this works on a micro and macro level at the same time? Are you only looking through the microscope and not the telescope simultaneously?

Whenever I am guided by my spirit – I seem to always become a bird. I am governed by the fact that I can see the whole system from a bird’s eye view, but I can also hone in on the details – I can see the opportunities (the mice in the field) – and I have the innate drive that I need to catch them. I want to grab hold of each and every opportunity that comes by because there will be times that the mouse escapes and I will go hungry, but that will only further the drive in me to be sure that the next opportunity does not go to waste. See, there is something to learn from every experience. And if we work together, collaborate, and share our stories – we inevitable are sharing the collective knowlege of humanity. I cannot say how grateful I am for the internet. The internet and all its connections and networks – similar to that of the structure of the human brain. I can gather so many stories and so much data. The entire world is literally at my fingertips.

So here I go, gathering data and researching. I am constantly researching. It doesn’t matter the subject, although most of my questions are about science, art, thinking, systems, design, sustainability, and growth. How do we take all of what we know and share it so that everyone is on the same level of understanding? If we all understood the world at this ultimate level – how much more could we learn, discover, and grow? The universe is so vast and there is so much left to explore. If each of us takes just one little bit, connects with the world, and shares it, how much farther – deeper – can we go? Not just as individuals, but as a species. We are at the brink of the next stage of evolution. We either work collectively to enhance our understanding of life or we slowly fade into the distant past. The choice is ours. We are the only beings that we know of that can consciously observe ourselves from the perspective of the universe – the fifth dimension – the collective spirit.

Therefore, I invite you to look deep within yourself and view yourself objectively. Can you become the observer of your life? All scientific research involves observation at one stage or another. I challenge you to become more through less. You are not your thoughts. You are not you body. You are not your feelings. These are just the constraints of being the universe observing and perceiving itself through human form. Be open to new ideas. Challenge what you thought was real – You may be surpised what you find. Inevitably your perspective with shift and you will be more intuned with your self. Strip away everything you ever thought you were – these are just human constructs and experiences that have shaped your perception of yourself. There is something more true to your nature – that observer that sits and waits.

I encourage you to practice stillness. To sit in the quiet. Learn to just be. No longer will your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of how things are be your definition of self. It will be so much more powerful. Explore deeper. Find that lost connection to your truest of trues. There is something the has being lying so deep and patient inside you that needs to be brought to the surface. Tune in to your microscope – It will evolve and in synchrony – it will also become your telescope. You will see how everything is connected, where you fit in, and the true meaning of life.

Life is not what you make of it. It is who you are – what you are. Life and consciousness coexist.

I am so much more than body.

I am more than thoughts.

I am more than feelings.

I am more.

I am.

I am.

I am.

I am.

I. AM.