This I Believe

I believe in asking questions.

I am naturally curious. Are you? My curiosity has led me to ask a lot of questions – I mean A LOT of questions. My head is always spinning with questions and scenarios of all the possibilities that could be. Imagination and creativity drive me. These things have led me to explore many avenues in my life. In essence, I never stop learning because I am always (I mean ALWAYS!) asking questions. Sometimes I even ask questions that I do not need the answer to, but simply because I want the recipient to think. To think harder – deeper – closer to the essence of the soul of being and what it means to be. How do we make connections? In what ways can I create a bridge that connects one person or thing to another idea that they never knew existed? What kind of madness is this!? Curiosity killed the cat you know – but he did learn many, many things over his nine lives. Here is what I have learned so far in mine!

Bachelor Fine Art

I earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Upper Iowa University. Along with this, I attended all available art classes and even made up a few.

Master of Business Administration

I am currently half-way through the MBA Organizational Development program offered by Upper Iowa University.

Community Education

Upper Iowa also offers Community Education classes (special thanks to Professor Elissa Wenthe!) – specifically in art. I have attended each one that has become available – from ceramics to welding, printmaking to painting. I use this as a way to keep myself in the practice of art. And I don’t mean this in the fine art sense, but the art of doing, being, and accepting oneself and one’s experience as they are and trust in the process.

Webinars & Trainings

I attend most webinars and trainings that come my way. These range in topics from small business development, to heat press procedures, to spirituality, and so much more.

Let’s make something together.